Polyester Sole

Shoe Material

Shoe Material - “Polyester Sole”

The polyester sole of men's and women's formal footwear has forever remained synonymous with style and grace. However, with evolving fashion trends, manufacturers began experimenting with this shoe sole for designing casual footwear.

But what is so special about these polyester shoe materials? Let's find out.

Fashionable footwear appearance

Polyester shoe soles are comfortable and also have an elegant touch to them. Also, the polyester shoe sole material tells you about the quality of footwear. Moreover, these soles present the look of fine lines, a bottom that flawlessly matches the top, and the sleek design of your footwear.


Polyester shoe soles enable your feet to breathe, holding the interior of your shoe dry and cool. Also, given the benefit of the polyester shoe sole, it makes the ideal element to combine with any upper shoe materials.

Thermal regulation

The polyester shoe sole provides excellent temperature regulation. A principal requirement, especially for the summer shoes. It makes strolling on the sidewalk pavement that becomes so hot under the sun a cakewalk. Footwear made with polyester shoe materials remain cool and render better thermal regulation.

Flexible and presents strong traction

Initially, when you buy polyester-soled footwear, it might feel a bit stiff on the feet, which is normal. Also, for any material to retain its shape for an extended time, it must undergo the process of curing.

With regular use, it becomes more resilient, and the polyester bottom fits your feet flawlessly. In addition, the more you wear your footwear, the more it acclimates to your foot. Apart from the above benefit, shoes made with polyester soles will have better traction on wet surfaces to protect your feet all day long.

In a nutshell, we can say that shoes made with Polyester soles can readily make your footwear more comfortable and look more elegant. Also, to get the most stylish Polyester-soled footwear, feel free to check out the collection at our site.