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Shoe Material - "PU Sole"

Polyurethane sole (PU sole) fulfils dual requirements of durability and comfort, making the PU sole an excellent material for producing top-quality safety footwear for casual and workplace use.

But what exactly is a PU shoe material?

Polyurethane shoe material is a synthetic polymer resin that is long-lasting, water-resistant, and tough. Also, in the footwear world, PU most commonly stays connected to PU leather that gets brushed on the EVA mold or rubber surface on the outsoles of flip-flops, slippers, and sandals to make it harder to use.

Additionally, PU shoe material is most desirable in the current times because of its lightweight compared to the regular 100% leather. The footwear made of PU soles is pretty comfortable to walk in every day.

Moreover, from the manufacturing perspective, PU shoe materials are ideal for creating hard-wearing shoes and flip-flops as these soles are water and abrasion resistant. They are feather light and come with long-term mechanical attributes.

Earlier, only sports and trekking shoe manufacturers used polyurethane materials to produce shoes. Nowadays, fashion and business shoe manufacturers have begun using synthetic shoe materials, given their durable and sturdy nature.

Also, to make you aware of the benefits of PU sole material, we have listed some points you can quickly run through:

  • Footwears that use PU soles are comfortable, easy to wear, and adjustable.
  • They transcend in performance and are water, slip, and oxidation resistant.
  • Footwear manufactured with PU shoe material is an excellent shock absorber, chemical resistant, and environmentally friendly.

As this shoe material remains water-resistant, you can readily wear flip-flops or sandals made with this material for your beach day out.

However, the disadvantage of PU is that, due to the characteristics of environmentally friendly materials, PU air cushion shoes if not worn for a long time or put in a humid environment for a long time, the sole will absorb moisture in the air, once the moisture in the pores cannot be dissipated by walking, it will produce hydrolysis phenomenon, resulting in the shoe's outsole broken or midsole damage. So, if it is discarded, it will slowly finish hydrolysis and then return to the natural cycle. Therefore, it must be used regularly, and the nature of PU is that the more you use it, the more durable it will be.

To summarize, we can say that PU material is the most desirable option to manufacture several kinds of footwear, whether it is fancy flip-flops or stylish sandals.

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